Scholarships and Sponsorships for Students

OSA was founded by Native individuals who took the words of their elders and ancestors to heart: "Go out, get educated, learn as much as you can, and bring that knowledge back to the people." Every one of us has multiple degrees and a law degree. We know the importance of education and the power that comes with it: the power to influence the future of Native Nations. However, we also know that education is not easy or cheap.


If you're a student reading this page, then you're probably looking for help paying for tuition, books, supplies etc. We understand. Maybe, you need help paying for rent, utilities, or your phone bill. We get it. Perhaps, you're at the end of the semester and need help getting home. We've been there. Sometimes a great opportunity comes along like a school trip or you need a new uniform, but your parents are having difficulty paying the fees. We know. We've been there and done that.


Every little bit helps and adds up. So let's see what we can help you with. Contact us for Sponsorship Inquiries.

SPRING 2019 OSA SCHOLARSHIP AVAILABLE NOW! Click below for details.

"To the Native youth, as minority students you have to work twice as hard, get twice as many degrees, and learn twice as much to get the same opportunity as others. But you don't do it for you, you do it for the people. Don't let anything stop you; the future is yours, and we'll help you get there."

-Francisco Olea, C.O.O. of OSA



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