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Olea Wins Prestigious Shannon Bybee Award for His Article on Indian Gaming and Sports Betting

October 8, 2018

OSA congratulates one of its founders and partners, Francisco Olea, who was awarded the Shannon Bybee Scholarship for his article on PASPA and its legal implications on Indian gaming.  Every year, the International Association of Gaming Advisors (IAGA) "awards prizes for the best scholarly research papers written on relevant gaming topics by accredited law school students." This year, Olea was one of two who were chosen to receive the Shannon Bybee Award for his article, “The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act and its Legal Implications: How Its Invalidation Will Impact Indian Gaming’s Legal and Regulatory Framework." 


Austin had this to say about Olea: "Frank never ceases to amaze me with his knowledge of gaming, which is rooted in years upon years of experience working in the gaming industry. That kind of knowledge is rare to see, and thus, Frank brings exactly what we were looking for when we founded OSA--practicality and experience. We are very fortunate to have him as a colleague, partner, and Sai (Yaqui word meaning "brother"). He's been out of law school for just a few months and already he's accepting awards! I've been out for awhile now and all I've received is backlash and criticism!" 


Olea will accept his award in Las Vegas on October 8, 2018. Again, congratulations to Frank, our  partner and Sai, who embodies everything OSA stands for!

IAGA Announcement can be viewed here:

Team OSA Speaks to Students

July 28, 2018

Joseph Austin and Antonio Solorzano traveled to the Mingus Mountains near Prescott Valley Saturday morning to speak to students. About 30 students participated in a camp this year called "Protecting Our Lands," hosted at the James 4-H Camp and Learning Center. Students represented over 10 Native Nations and learned about various topics such as tribal sovereignty, culture, law, policy, and leadership.

Mr. Austin and Mr. Solorzano spoke to students about the realities of working in Indian Country, what it takes to succeed in life, financial literacy, and urged students to embrace who they are.

Mr. Solorzano summed up the talk: "It's great to see kids doing this kind of stuff. If there's one thing I hope to impress upon the minds of these students, it's financial literacy and a view, no matter how dark it is, of the real world. I want to show them that there's a way to deal with the problems in Indian Country, and I think it's through the rule of law, changing it, influencing it, finding the holes. That's our job as attorneys."

Mr. Austin had this to say, "When I was a student, I noticed that most professors taught like they spoke the word of God, expecting all their students to adopt their way of thinking and methods, like zombies. My professors taught me, expecting I'd become one of their zombies, but instead I became a wolf. If there's one method that I did learn from my professors, it's that if you want to make change, your best chance of doing so is by influencing the up and coming students, the future leaders. So when I do these presentations, I stand in front of students, look at their faces, and wonder who be the next one to join my wolf pack? Who will stand with me in the fight to save Indian Country?"

Francisco Olea unfortunately could not participate in the talk due to unforeseen circumstances. We wish him and his family well. Like his partners, Mr. Olea remains dedicated to the empowerment of Native youth.

All Roads Lead to Chaco Canyon Conference

March 23-24, 2018

Today, Team OSA arrives at Casino del Sol to help kick off the conference "All Roads Lead to Chaco Canyon."  OSA was one of the conference sponsors; it donated the conference swag and team members participated as speakers and panelists.


The conference was hosted by the University of Arizona College of Law and organized by Joseph Austin, Adam Crepelle, and Nancy Stanley. Many late nights and early mornings went into the creation of this event, which is perhaps the first of its kind. Mr. Austin and Mr. Crepelle had this to say about their conference, "We hope this will be one of many in the years to come, as these ideas will plant the seeds for a much-needed, new form of economic development in Indian Country. This year the road leads to Chaco Canyon, next year maybe it will lead to Cahokia, then Etzanoa, and eventually the World Trade Organization."


Many student volunteers donated their time and energy to helping make the conference a reality: Darrah Blackwater, Duane Cardenas, Zachary Forman, and Matthew Ramirez. Likewise, the following professors contributed much input into the planning and organization of the conference: Professor Melissa Tatum and Professor Rebecca Tsosie. Lastly, the conference would not be possible without the generous contribution and support of Dean Marc Miller of the University of Arizona College of Law. Dean Miller has continually demonstrated his support of the law college's students and alumni. Moreover, Dean Miller remains dedicated to supporting indigenous peoples right and education of indigenous peoples worldwide.

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Chaco Canyon.jpg

Image: Cheto Ketl, taken from

OSA Design Contest: Calling all Native artists!

Olea, Solorzano & Austin is accepting submissions from Native artists. OSA is sponsoring the artwork for a conference to be held this spring, March 23 and 24. The conference is being hosted by the University of Arizona, James E. Rogers College of Law, and is being sponsored by various organizations.


Chaco Canyon was a major trade hub for Native Nations all across North America, from the great Canadian North to the Amazon of South America. Anthropologists and archeologists have verified that indigenous peoples from all over the continent indeed gathered at Chaco Canyon to engage in trade. This is an early example of and proof that indigenous peoples engaged in international trade dealings. More interestingly, modern day anthropologists and archeologists have struggled to figure out how Chaco Canyon was built. The trade city was abandoned and remains shrouded in mystery. What we do know is that it served many purposes, most notably being a major trade destination for indigenous nations prior to European contact. The purpose of the conference is to recapture the spirit of Chaco Canyon and begin the discussion of how we can revitalize international trade between Native Nations.


Designs should reflect the nature of the conference, which is in the title, "All Roads Lead to Chaco Canyon: Revitalizing Trade Between Native Nations." Participants may chose to use whatever medium, e.g. watercolors, markers, pens, computer software etc. However, the final product, in whatever medium, should be submitted digitally, meaning a high resolution photo of the work or high resolution scanned copy. All work must be the original work of the participant; no recreation of prior works or photos are allowed. Submissions must be capable of fitting on a 8.5x11 sheet of paper without pixelation.

After the deadline, Members of Team OSA will review, evaluate, and select one winner. The winner will receive $250 and have their artwork/designs featured on various conference promotional materials within the discretion of the law college. Submissions are due by January 26 @ 5:00 pm (Arizona time). Any questions and submissions can be sent to Include your name, phone number, and email along with your submission.


July 28, 2017

Joe Austin Presents at "Protecting Our Lands" Summer Youth Camp

Joseph Austin gave a presentation to Native youth at Mingus Mountain, James 4H camp near Prescott Valley. The summer youth camp, called "Protecting Our Lands," was hosted by the Arizona Indian Education Association along with various other organizations. Austin was there representing the Indigenous Peoples Law & Policy Program. His presentation focused on how to develop laws and policies for Native Nations.

casino del sol.jpg

July 13, 2017

Francisco Olea is Chosen for the Casino del Sol CEO Succession Program

Francisco Olea was chosen to participate in Casino Del Sol's CEO Succession Program. Many applied for the program but only a few were chosen. The program is 2 years long and is aimed at recruiting the top, most talented individuals in the Pascua Yaqui Nation. Olea will undergo training and learn the casino inside and out for the next two years. We're confident that his vast work experience and education will make him the top candidate to be Casino Del Sol's next CEO.


July 9, 2017

Solorzano Begins Work at Leech Lake

Antonio Solorzano begins work at the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe. Solorzano is tasked with assisting the Nation with economic development and revising economic policies.


June 17, 2017

Olea Speaks at Pascua Yaqui Nation Summer Youth Workshop

Francisco Olea was asked to speak to the Pascua Yaqui youth at a workshop aimed at teaching kids how to set goals and achieve them. Olea was accompanied by Solorzano and Austin who also chimed in on various topics. Olea led the discussion and used his experiences to show the kids how to persevere in the face of hardship. Olea's work experience, education, and credentials has made him a role model for the youth in the Pascua Yaqui Nation.


May 13, 2017

Antonio Solorzano Graduates with Master of Laws Degree and Continues on to Pursue a Doctor of Juridical Science

Antonio Solorzano graduated from the Master of Laws program at the University of Arizona College of Law, obtaining an LLM degree in Indigenous Peoples Law & Policy. Solorzano was also accepted into the IPLP SJD program. For the next few years, he will be conducting research and writing his dissertation which focuses on economic development in Indian Country.


May 12, 2017

Joseph Austin Delivers Keynote Speech at the Native American Education Program's Graduation

Joseph Austin was asked to give the keynote speech to Native students graduating from 8th grade and high school. The graduation event was hosted by the Amphitheater Native American Education Program. Austin spoke to parents and youth about what it takes for a Native person to succeed in today's modern world.


May 11, 2017

Austin Featured on Front Page of Navajo Times

Joseph Austin was featured on the front page of Navajo Times. The article highlights the innovative and game-changing work that Austin is doing at the University of Arizona, College of Law's International Economic Law & Policy Program: re-engaging international trade between Native Nations.


May 9, 2017

Austin Speaks on International Trade at the Annual Navajo Nation Economic Summit

Joe Austin addressed a packed room of Native leaders and business folks at the Twin Arrows Casino in Flagstaff, Arizona. His presentation, The Fools Who Thought They Killed the Wolf, addressed a number of topics pertaining to economic development in Indian Country and the Navajo Nation. However, the crux of Austin's presentation revolved around an innovative concept: re-engaging international trade between Native Nations.

Global Speaker Series - JAustin-page-001.jpg

February 20, 2017

Austin Delivers Lecture: Words of the Talking God

Joe Austin was one of the featured presenters for The Global Speaker Series at the University of Arizona, College of Law. Austin's lecture focused on the evolution of the Navajo Nation judicial system and the use of customary law in Navajo judicial decision making.

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